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Front page fun

Today I was browsing my web stats (something I clearly need to no more often, but I just plain forget to), and saw a huge spike in my Etsy site views for January 11. Well that’s weird, I thought to myself. Then I remembered that I put a bunch of soaps on sale that very same day, and though that must be the reason. People just flocked to my site when they saw I was having an awesome sale. Hmm….maybe not.

Well THEN I noticed some new sites on my referring site list, so went to check them out. Craft Cult was one of my referring sites, and since I don’t advertise there, I did a quick search in their vault and discovered I was featured on the homepage of Etsy on January 11. Yeah me! Too bad I didn’t find out for 2 weeks – I would have really been excited to see it live. Since I’m sure you missed it too, here’s a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.

the end.