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Why you Need a Soap Dish for your Bar Soap

"Do I need a soap dish for my soap?" I am asked this question all the time!

The short answer is YES! Without a soap dish, your bar of soap is likely to turn mushy and make a slimy, soapy mess all over your counter or shower shelf.

A soap dish also prolongs the life of your bar of soap, and a single bar of soap can last for well over a month when it's properly stored.

We recommend a well draining soap dish (no puddles!) for ALL bar soaps.

Well draining = the soap sits away from water so it can fully dry between uses. 


Things to look for in a soap dish:

  • It's large enough to hold an entire bar of soap
  • The surface area of the dish that actually touches the soap is minimal, and water can easily drain off (this is crucial!)
  • It's easy to rinse or wipe clean
  • The soap dish will fit easily into your space


Handmade Wooden Soap Dish

We love these natural wooden soap dishes - they do a fabulous job of keeping our handmade soap out of water so it can fully dry.

Our soap dishes are handcrafted in the USA by a woodworker in Oregon. They are made of untreated beech wood, which is a hardwood that is great for soap dishes because it stands up to water well.

These are lightweight and fit most standard soap bars perfectly.

 stack of wooden soap dishes

How to Prolong the Life of your Soap Dish

We recommend keeping a soap dish by each sink and one in each shower. Make sure to keep the soap dish out of the stream of water so the soap can fully dry out between uses.

Another way to keep your soap dishes tidy and help them to last a long time is to have 2 dishes for each sink instead of 1, and rotate them every 2 weeks. Make sure to clean any soap residue off of the soap dish and then allow to air dry before storing in the cabinet for 2 weeks. This allows time for the wood to dry out completely.

Make sure to clean your soap dish regularly by running it under water to remove any soap build-up and leaving it to dry completely before using it again.