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Frequently Asked Questions

How is soap made?

  • Soap is made when oils are mixed with lye and water (or other liquid) and a reaction occurs called saponification.  In cold-process soap making (the process for our soaps), this reaction can take days or weeks to be complete.  Soap is cured for at least a month to ensure the process is complete and no lye remains in the soap.
  • All of our soaps are superfatted, which means slightly more oil than lye is used so that extra oil remains in the soap.  This makes our bars extra moisturizing and gentle.

So, it’s like Fight Club? (this question is for the guys I know you were thinking it)

  • Not exactly.  No humans (or animals) are harmed in the production of our soaps.  We use only vegetable oils.

How long will my soap last?

  • Our soap is meant to be used, and you will find it at its best within 6 months of purchasing it.  We cure all of our bars for at least a month so when they get to you they are long-lasting, mild and ready to use.  Since we use only essential oils, the scent will begin to fade over time and you will likely find much of the scent gone after a year.  Soap is not like wine: it does not get better with age.

Why don’t you make any fruity scented soap, like strawberry or raspberry?

  • We have chosen to use only pure essential oils to scent our products, and some scents are just not available straight from the plant.  Fragrance oils often contain phthalates and other artificial additives that we choose not to include in our products (read more about our ingredients here).  Plus, we love how real our scents smell.  They smell like the real thing because they actually come from the real thing.  Trust us, you will love the difference.